Is It True That You Can Use Someone Else’s Hair For A Hair Transplant?

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures is hair transplantation. It enables the patient to achieve natural-looking hair, with long-lasting results. Using the patient’s hair is the primary reason for the success of hair transplant procedures. The donor area is chosen based on the availability of hair in that area. There will be compatibility issues if someone else’s hair is used. Using someone else’s hair in the hair transplant procedure is not permitted. The recipient area rejects another person’s donor hair. One would think that hair from a blood relative would suffice. But first, let’s determine whether it’s a myth or a fact.

Can I use someone else’s donor hair? 

Immune system: The immune system attacks hair follicles after identifying them as foreign substances. Without giving the implanted hair follicles a chance to develop, the hair falls out again. We have an intricate immune system. Diseases brought on by foreign agents are successfully avoided. Every cell has an immune system that is capable of determining whether it is a part of the body, which is one of the immune system’s special mechanisms. Compared to transplanted hair follicles, every healthy cell bears a distinctive mark. Such “foreign” cells are logically attacked by the immune system. The development of fresh cells by the body also accelerates the rate at which the alien hair follicles fall off.

Texture mismatch:

Since every person’s hair texture is unique and behaves in a unique way, using someone else’s hair is practically impossible. When two of these volumes are combined, the outcome would be completely unexpected. Typically, this method is unsuccessful.

Infection Risk: 

According to professionals, a hair transplant from another person will always be rejected unless the patient takes anti-rejection medications for the rest of their life. In addition, the risks of taking these medications far outweigh the benefits of the transplant. Researchers are still working to create a hair transplant procedure that won’t result in recipient rejection.

Can body hair from a person who has had a hair transplant be used?

When the donor receives hair from a totally different recipient, whether it comes from their body or their scalp, their body rejects the foreign donor hair follicles. More cysts and scarring are created because the body hair does not match the head hair.

When can I get a hair transplant using someone else’s hair?

After a bone marrow transplant

A recent study found that the recipient would accept the donor hair transplant following the bone marrow transplant because the bone marrow and blood cells are replaced during the procedure. The donor’s blood and immune systems develop after the bone marrow transplant. Because they now share the same immune and circulatory systems, the bone marrow donor can donate his hair to the patient.

The body rejects newly transplanted organs after organ transplantation, so doctors are forced to prescribe immunosuppressive drugs to stop this from happening. Infections and other disorders are also possible risks. Although technically not acceptable, transplanting hair from a different recipient is never done because of the possibility of complications. Visit auqual Hair clinic in Raipur or our website, to learn more if you have any additional misconceptions about hair transplants.

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