About us

Who we are?

AuQual Hair Services is dedicated to help you in fighting your hair fall problems. We specialise in the field of hair restoration and PRP Treatment in Raipur. Hair Restoration is not only our business but also our passion. We are dedicated to help you life a hair fall free life and this is backed up by ongoing education, evolution and innovation. We are committed to providing the best care to our patients throughout their treatment. Be it pre-surgical, surgery and  post-surgical appointments we are always available for you. At AuQual your well-being comes first. That’s why during your consultation all treatment options are explained to you - non-surgical therapies, Hair Transplant - different techniques of it, or combination of hair loss surgery and non-surgical treatment, and in some cases no surgery at all.
Our doctors are known for their experience and their ability to re- design hairlines that complement each patient’s unique look. Our main purpose is to educate you thoroughly, which in turn will help you in making realistic goals and expectations. We will help you create a youthful, natural-looking hair line so you can relive your life with more hair and a renewed self confidence.

What we do?

We specialize in hair transplant surgery & Hair fall Treatment in raipur such as PRP Treatment, LLLT and mesotherapy. We offer treatments that are clinically proven to deliver results while being safe and free of side effects.

Our Practice

Our Doctors and technicians have the required education, experience and practical skills for handling people with any level of hair loss and providing the best hair loss treatment in Raipur .

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide every patient an in-depth understanding of why hair loss occurs & what we can do to combat it. We keep ourselves updated with the latest improvements in hair transplant techniques and other medical treatments across the globe. This helps us in bringing to you the latest and most relevant Hair loss Treatments in raipur so that our patients are making the most informed decision possible.
When it comes to Hair Transplant we aim to achieve lasting and natural hair transplant results. This is because even though hair transplant has become a sophisticated procedure, the technology alone does not guarantee  result. The doctor and the team performing the procedure are extremely important in determining the final result.